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^-^/ Hi! \^-^

I'm Megan! I am so new to this but i have been running online stores for over a year now! 
My main store Amai Megumi  (on etsy) has had over 1,500 sales and i have NO negative feed back!
you can see my feed back here:
also here is my PERSONAL facebook in case you have any questions
with all of that out of the way i recently closed down my other shop and have a bit of stock left.
so now i will be posting items for sale on my LJ account for any of you interested!
thank you so much i will also try to keep updated on other things going on in my shop and other items! 
right now i have a large stock of Chocomint items, some jewelry and also some anime phone charms and key chains, i have a few plush bags and also a small stock of barbie eye circle lenses!
 i will be posting them all soon! thank you so much!
Tags: anime, barbie eye, chocomint, circle lenses, contact lenses, decora, jewelry, kawaii, lolita, totoro
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