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DS: Leaving Lolita Meta skirts, chocomint and meta accessories, marble dress & more!

so sad to say that due to some financial issues I need money, BAD so I have made the painful choice to leave Lolita (at least for now!) and sell off the rest of my Lolita stuff!
all the items i have are currently at my home (smoke free) and i do own 2 cats and a dog.
My feedback
please note i am leaving to go out of town and need to sell these items ASAP to help fund my trip!!! so priority will go to anyone who can pay asap, that way i can guarantee you get your item shipped as quickly as possible!
*I am located in Chicago, IL
*I do not charge paypal fees
*Shipping is NOT included , please inquire by providing your shipping zip code for a quote :D I do ship internationally but
*I am not responsible for lost or stolen goods, i provide tracking for everything, once i send off your package it is no longer in my control.
*All items are in USD
*FOR US BUYERS ONLY - I provide tracking with every package and ship everything parcel post or first class. (sorry international buyers i can no longer provide tracking due to the recent hikes in shipping costs)
*Priority goes to user that provides items they want and provide paypal!
*I accept paypal (no e-check please and thank you)
*no trades at this time.
*I will consider offers on items but please be reasonable and people willing to pay my asking prices have priority
*Must pay within 48 hours once invoice
*questions? let me know! ^^ i will be more then happy to answer!! ^_^
thank you!
please note that i try to keep up to date on sold items they all need to go ASAP!!!
Frozen Godzilla and sheet music fabric will be proof

1. Marble Dress - $120

I LOVE THIS DRESS! it is so beautiful and it is even better worn! i HATE to let this go i have always loved the shorter in the front longer in the back dresses and so i hate to let this one go but i must, fits UK 10, I am the second owner of this dress still in good condition! BEAUTIFUL! the photos do it no justice!

2. Metamorphose magical painting skirt - $70

this skirt is super cute it is new and has never been worn (not my style) so it needs a good loving home!
3. Metamorphose rose skirt -$200

Love this skirt! this is also new never been worn!
3. Metamorphose Moonlight night - $200

Now this one is a real heartbreaker for me, this well love skirt was only worn a small handful of times and is in great condition! well loved and maintained.
4. Skeleton pony bag/purse by were all mad here - $110

this purse is so cute and I adore it but I can't fit anything in it and it is not practical for me and the numerous amount of things I carry around with me!
5. Metamorphose , chocomint and off brand accessories

5a. offbrand puffball phone charms - $10 each(available in black, purple, magenta, and blue)
5b. Metamorphose cream cameo bow - $20
5c. metamorphose cameo necklace- $20
5d. chocomint hug me 2way - $15

all items are new and have never been used
6. Metamorphose tote bag - $12

new and never been used (2 available)
7. chocomint and offbrand accessories

Top row macaroon phone charms - $3 each (one of each color available)
middle row macaroon phone charms - $4 each ( 1 pink, 3 yellow, 2 blue available)
bottom row macaroon phone charms - $2 each (1 green, 3 pink, -sold out- purple, 2 yellow available)
cat tail bag charm - $14

all items new and never been used!
thank you so much!

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