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Metamorphose winter lucky pack opening, Light and dark packs.

Hi Everyone!!! I orderd both  light and and dark Metamorphose winter lucky packs. last year i got a dark color pack and was so please that i decided to get one of each this year! so here is what i got!
i ordered on december 21st and my order arrived to me yesterday.
here is how it arrived to me in the mail, it came in a shopping bag tape up and turned into a package

each lucky pack was contained in a clear plastic bag inside of the shopping bag with all the items inside and the fragile ones wrapped in the others ( necklace and hair clip were wrapped in the socks, the socks were wrapped between the blouse, tote bag and skirt to keep them safe. but I did receive a broken hair clip. I was disappointed about it but it can be fixed no problem so I calmed down about it :D
as you can see the cameo came almost completely off, it is just glued on so I can re-glue it but I was one sad girl when I opened it and saw it hanging off!

first the light pack!
I got the magical painting skirt in camel ( but it doesn't have the cute bears on it!! -_-; ) print with matching series socks in brown
this is not my style, the print is cute but the colors are way off for me and my skin tone and I don't wear browns very well so I will be listing these.

I love these cameo necklace and hair clips, the colors on these are not my top choice but I do like the style, I may try to trade for other colors if anyone is interested!

the tote bag is cute and with the brand name but I don't use totes.

I got the high collar bishop sleeve frill blouse in antique white ( I got the same blouse in black in the dark pack) I was SO happy to see this in my pack! I LOVE this!!! I was so excited to try it on, and find out it won't fit over my bust! (I have a 36 D chest and this always works against me and Lolita clothing.) well I am heart broken about it as I was so excited to get these and in two colors only to see that I can't use them :( SO SAD

and this concludes my light pack, over all... I will not be keeping anything other then the necklace and hair clip and even those I may trade for different colors.

time for the dark pack!

I love these necklace and hair clip but as you saw in the previous photos the hair clip arrived damaged, I will be fixing it and keeping both of these!

IMG_0168I got the royal rose skirt in black, I like this skirt but not in love with it, I may trade it but with the lack of luck on these packs I may just keep it so I walk away with something more them hair clips and necklaces! X_x

happy bell socks these are really cute! I may keep these but I really don't have much that will go with them.

and the black color way of the bishop blouse, that doesn't fit me T-T

so over all it looks like I keep the hair clip and necklace and skirt and everything else will be traded or sold, but i'm still not 100% on this skirt.

:D hope you enjoyed seeing my luck in lucky packs! and hopefully you guys had/have better luck! ^_^

so here is side by side my goodies!

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