amaimegumi (amaimegumi) wrote,

if anyone has contacted me or is trying to contact me....

I would like to just post this message to let anyone trying to contact me know, I may be a little flakey on the responding and getting back to you, I had left to go out of state to visit my family for about a week 1/2 - 2 weeks. Everything was going good but i started not to feel well and became very ill, i ended up going to the doctor and from there getting sent directly to the ER to get test and wait for th OR to open up as the doctor told me i would need emergency surgery. I have been dealing with Ovarian cyst for  long over a year now and it has gotten so bad i have had to go to the emergency room twice over the last year and then to the doctor that landed into emergency surgery. It has now been a week since  the surgery, I am feeling much better in some ways but i am still out of town and will be for another 2 weeks as i have to go back in to the doctor for follow ups and i am unable to travel being so sore. They removed a cyst about the size of a grapefruit that had wrapped around my ovary 3 times and was killing it, Luckily for me they were able to remove the cyst and save my ovary but i need time to recover. all of the items i am selling are located at my home and i do not have access to them myself but my loving fiance has been taking care of everything for me. so with all of this said, i am very sorry for any delays in my actions or on my end and to please understand it is not because i am ignoring you or anything i am just having a lot of personal issues with my health that need to be addressed and taken care of and also since i have had surgery i am also pretty medicated and i don't like responding when i feel i am not all there. Again i am very sorry and i will get back to everyone once i am feeling better and more able to give the emails the attention the deserve and with all of these issues in my health i am not sure when i will be back home as i am not in traveling condition right now and i also have a bunch of follow up doctors appointments and i prefer to see the doctors that had worked with me and my situation then a different doctor back home. please understand and thank you :) 
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